Custom Made Mermaid Tops

Each Mermaid top is a custom order.    


General Pricing

$250 for a full silicone Cora top

Optional Add-Ons

$25 - Spots on scales

$25 - Glitter top coat on either scales or scroll work
$50 - The add on is for scales to go around the waist band of the bra

(see example image)

$100+ for additional fins.

Each top is a custom order.

And that means the color combinations are endless!


How do I order a Top?  

  • The first step is to send us an email! Introduce yourself and let us know what you have in mind.   We will discuss your design details with you and provide you with an estimate. When you are ready to order, we will send you an email with all of the necessary information.  This will include measuring directions, explanation of our tape dummy process, a final invoice and our customer agreement.  Once we receive all of this information, along with your payment, all design inspirations and details are finalized your tail will enter our production line.  

When making your order please make sure to specify the following:
Bra size:______
Scale color:______
Scroll work color:______

  • Can you match my pre-existing item's color:

    • Yes! But we will need multiple reference images in order to match the color.​

  • Can you cover the straps?

    • Yes. But there is an added fee.​

  • Production time:

    • ​Since each top is individually made, production time is 5 weeks. We understand that deadlines are important, and not up to us to dictate, so we will do whatever it takes to ensure a speedy and on time delivery. .  ​

  • We do accept rush orders for an additional charge.

  • Additional Policies and FAQs:

    • We are happy to consider new design ideas and are happy to customize the item of your dreams. If you'd like to send us a custom design, please just email us at: and please put "Custom Design" in the Subject line.

Mermaid top: Teal and Gold
Mermaid top: Baby Blue and White
Mermaid top: Pink and Teal
Mermaid top: Red and Gold
Mermaid top: Teal and Gold
Mermaid top: Koi and Black
Mermaid top: Purple and Pearl/White
Mermaid top: Red and Gold
Mermaid top: Pink and Gold
Mermaid top: Teal and Gold
Mermaid top: Red and Gold

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